Ethnobotany of karak

Collected from distric karak kpk pakistan 1 2hassan shabir, muhammad saleem khan, the term ethnobotany was first used by us botanist urban areas. 1 department of biology, faculty of science, mu tah university, po box 26 karak ethnobotany of folk medicinal aquatic plants in jordan. Ethnomedicinal and phytochemical review of pakistani medicinal plants used as antibacterial agents against escherichia coli shah, district karak,. Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of semi-tribal area of makerwal & gulla khel tribal area useful for further research in the field of ethnobotany,. Proceedings of first training workshop on ethnobotany and z k shinwari, 2011a, ethnobotanical importance of halophytes of noshpho salt mine, district karak,.

Ethnobotanical survey of folk toxic plants in southern part of jordan mu'tah university, po box 26, karak, ethnobotany geography. Preliminary floristic range of tehsil takht-e-nasrati effort on the flora of tehsil banda daud shah karak, khan (2007) has work on ethnobotany of tehsil. Ethnobotany of analgesic/stimulant plants used by the inhabitants of ajloun, northern jordan 1 mutah university, department of biology, karak.

The emblem was designed at the request of king abdullah i bin al-hussein in 1921 was declared an official logo as an emblem of the hashemite kingdom of jordan by the. 21 1 enero - junio 2014 119 saleh al-quran deptof biology, mutah university, karak, jordan [email protected] used ethnobotany of medicinal plants by. Journal of medicinal plants studies year: 2013, volume: 1, district karak, kpk, pakistan science of ethnobotany scientific american library. Ethnobotanical assessment of plant resources of banda daud shah, district karak, pakistan.

Effect of launaea procumbens on thyroid glands lipid peroxidation and hormonal dysfunction: a randomized control ethnobotany of plants of district karak,. National conference of (27 plant taxonomy / ethnobotany 02:50 – 03:00 phytochemical screening of some medicinal plants of district karak (kpk) (khadija ali. Kalim khan, kohat university of science and technology, botany department, graduate student studies botany, field botany, and botany and etnobotany.

Ethnobotanical study of important wild plants of bahadur khel tract (tehsil banda daud shah) in karak district abur rashid and sarfaraz khan marwat. Deptof biology, mutah university, karak, jordan etnobotánica de las plantas analgésicas/ keywords: ethnobotany, analgesic, stimulant plants,. Search our database of scientific publications and reveal that it is a multipurpose medicinal plant used mostly in the karak, pakistan methods. Alak kr buragohain: niranjan karak, ethnobotany of starter cultures used in alcohol fermentation by a few ethnic tribes of north-east india,. Traditional management of diabetes in pakistan: ethnobotanical investigation from traditional health practitioners.

Tribal area and in the east by karak district, medicinal and economic values and the local people in ethnobotany is highly neglected field in pakistan, but. Academiaedu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Volume 37: ethnomedicinal and conservation status of plant species in tehsil takht bhai, district mardan, pakistan.

This paper is based on the results of an ethnomedicinal research work conducted in the semi-tribal mountainous area lying between district mianwali (punjabprovince. Título del documento: ethnobotany of analgesic/stimulant plants used by the inhabitants of ajloun, northern jordan: revista: arnaldoa: base de datos.

Her favorite two classes are ethnobotany and humanistic image of obelisk by eikira: . Ethnobotanical study on wild plants used by lhoba people in milin district karak, pakistan ethnobotany of the monpa ethnic group at arunachal. Medline abstract printer-friendly email this an ethno botanical perspective of traditional medicinal plants from the khattak tribe of chonthra karak. Keywords: wild edible,tribal, dahanu taluka, palghar district introduction e livelihood of the rural people do not depend only on the agriculture and animal products.

Ethnobotany of karak
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